How it Works?

Latam Capital gives you the opportunity to become a second home owner by investing in one or more properties overseas. You can spend holidays, work from home or simply disconnect in attractive destinations whilst your property value increases over time.


Check out our spectacular overseas projects in luxury holiday destinations packed with everything you need to spend a good time and enjoy carefree.


Invest with Latam Capital and you will become the owner of your dream home, in attractive and highly profitable destinations we have carefully chosen for you.


Get the best of your property enjoying the annual profitability Latam Capital offers. You can enjoy your holidays at your second home, while your property appreciates in value.

LATAM Capital

About Us

Latam Capital was born on the eaves of Inversiones Latam, a real estate company that changed the game of property ownership in southern Chile, due to its dynamic, well located and affordable projects. Inversiones Latam has become a fast growing company that has already reached 2.000 clients and has demonstrated a high capability to raise capital in short terms.

Backed by the experienced Inversiones Latam, Latam Capital offers profitable projects in attractive destinations allowing you to become an overseas second home owner.

Smart Investment

Attractive destinations

At Latam Capital we commission to find the best destinations for your investments through deep real estate analysis of both local and international markets, in order to provide a safe environment for your investments.

Your dream home

Latam Capital will bring you the opportunity to become the owner of a luxury property in an attractive destination abroad. Due to an innovative business model, Latam Capital allows you to access a property that is recorded on land title, and sharing the home expenses making your investment more efficient.

Enjoy dual gain

Your investment will be guaranteed by a dual gain profitability model. That is to say you will obtain a return from both rental earnings and capital appreciation of your property. The Dominican Republic has shown a 50% property value increase in the last 2 years.

Select the dates and travel. Simple!

The Latam Capital app allows you to not only plan, manage and book your perfect getaway, it also enables easy access to the annual investment reports where you can monitor the management of the property. All of this at the tip of your fingers. As simple as that!

We do the work for you

Latam Capital will manage your investment day to day allowing carefree property ownership; incl. taxes, bills, routine maintenance and more. Every time you visit your home, you will be handed the key of your fully furnished home, so you can sit back and see your investment appreciate in value.

We’re here to Help

Do you have further questions about fractional real estate ownership? Let us walk you through your second home investment.